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on intros and beauty:) October 29, 2007

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Welcome to Timeless Remedies. We are so happy that you have found your way to us and it is our greatest hope that you will find in our products and website, tools for greater well being and, therefore, greater ease in your body and life. Sounds a little big for a little natural health company? We have big hopes and dreams and the means to back them up. We know that through taking responsibility for our own health and wellness, that we can achieve an overall better sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. How we feel effects our everyday, our life! While we can’t offer it all, and don’t claim a “magic pill”, we can and do bring you our personally formulated blends that will nourish your body and mind.

Enjoy reading about our formulas with detailed information on each ingredient, exploring articles, seeing what’s new and on the horizon or joining in on discussions and make suggestions in our soon to come forum. See what’s going on around here and join in with us as together we learn to see the true beauty within ourselves through being in touch with our own bodies and minds.

soon to come site: http://www.timelessremedies.com (we can’t wait!!)

to everyone…but ladies in particular:

This simple message is especially for you. You are beautiful! Lets get that straight from the start. You are beautiful in so many, many ways that have little or nothing to do with what your body looks like. Your looks are just one part of the whole person you are. You are a vibrant, life radiating human being with so much to offer your friends, co workers, family and world. We have been misled into thinking that one of the most important aspects of ourselves is how we look. This couldn’t be further from the truth. While we all like to feel attractive, this is not a necessary goal in itself but an effect of taking interest in our well being, which involves much more than our physical appearance. True beauty is when someone is at ease within themselves; they accept who they are and glow with confidence. We can’t help but be attracted to such a person. The truth is, we can all be so beautiful, and we already are beneath the layers of what we think we should do, be or think- beneath the preoccupation of what “people” think. True beauty is part of what it means to be well, truly well.

Overall wellness (or lack thereof), which is apparent in everything we do, involves not just how we look but how we feel emotionally, what we think, how we communicate with our surroundings and how we view ourselves on a very intimate level. Learning about our needs and meeting them, alone, can transform us and give us the confidence to live the life we wish to live. Yes, there are many factors involved because we didn’t learn to forget our natural beauty overnight, but we can definitely come to be aware of it again and live in a loving caring manner towards ourselves and therefore others.

We can take the initiative to reclaim and relearn about ourselves, take responsibility for our health and see and feel the natural beauty we already are. We can’t help but look better as we begin to feel better on every level. Its just nature.

You are beautiful and don’t forget it. We wish you love, wisdom and happiness in however you choose to live your life. It is our hopes that you take a deep interest in your health and take action towards being the person that brings the most joy to your life.


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